About Us

Any one who lives in Crawford County in the state of Illinois and loves southern gospel music knows and loves the voice of Angela “Gray” Lilly.   She has a warm, golden sound that comes from the heart and has found its way into many in this region. 

Angela comes from a family that started blending as a southern gospel group when she was but 2 years old.  She and her family have sung in many places during her childhood.  After being married in 1994, she sang for a couple of years on her own.  Although this was not her preference, it did not stop her fans from coming to hear her.  One day a very close friend and family member discovered her own talent to share with others. This was Haley Young who is a niece of Angela’s and at 11 years old she won the hearts of many when she shared the stage with Angela at many of the upcoming performances.  It wasn’t long that James, who was Angela’s husband, joined her on the stage to form a trio and the Angela Lilly Trio was born. 
That was 10 years and several recordings ago. 

Singing in many different venues across Illinois and the neighboring states has brought them many wonderful experiences that have exposed them to this great world of music.  The challenges they have faced have always brought them through with a stronger determination to be only what God wants for them in their lives.

Recently they have linked up with Homeland Entertainment to produce a brand new album.  The following note is posted on their website, "The Angela Lilly Trio is based out of Hutsonville, IL and are causing quite a stir.  Their new recording features a few classic songs along with some original material written by singer-songwriter Haley Young.  The other group members are Angela and James Lilly.  With a new fresh look and sound, you will be blessed by this ministry."